Get educated, get organized and get going. An organized and educated executive team will know what to do. No longer will your executives be slowed down by buzzwords like “sustainability,” “cause marketing,” “philanthropy,” “community investment,” “employee giving” and “workplace campaigns.” You’ll know what corporate social responsibility (CSR) means. You’ll know what it means inside your company. You’ll know how it helps your bottom line. And you’ll know what to do about it.

Mulberry South

Our services support a company’s cross-team CSR functionality.

  • We work with the marketing team to produce CSR content to give substance to communications platforms.
  • We work with the human resources department to use CSR to leverage opportunities for talent retention and recruitment.
  • We work with the sales team to leverage CSR messages to accelerate the sales cycle.
  • We work with the new product team to design a CSR experience to accelerate a new product launch.
  • We work with the legal, finance and compliance departments to put best practices in place for grant making and foundation structures.

Our formula for CSR success integrates key elements of a CSR program into a process of continuously improving employee and brand engagement.

  • CSR Definition. CSR is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. We’ll work with your team to celebrate everything good you’re already doing and develop the best definition of CSR for your company. And we’ll help you redefine CSR as your company grows and the marketplace evolves. A definition is the first step toward creating the socially responsible lifestyle your employees and customers demand. Customizing CSR–filling the gaps, maximizing the opportunities and aligning the program and its mission with the company’s business–is one of the smartest steps you can take to maximize your company’s return on its CSR investment by clarifying what the company’s CSR approach actually is. An approach that is ill-defined has little or no chance of engaging–and keeping–employees and customers.
  • CSR Budget Optimization. How much is your company already spending on employee engagement programs, including both hard costs and soft costs, such as company events, strategic planning retreats and department team-building events? How much are you spending on social responsibility activities, such as employee matching gifts programs, fielding requests for charitable donations, event sponsorships, employee time off for volunteering, corporate time and money spent supporting employees’ favorite causes, and donations of products and services? We’ll help you add it all up, building a structure for your program that makes sense for your company. And we’ll recommend ways to streamline–and combine–the company’s employee engagement and CSR activities to optimize budget goals and still improve employee and brand engagement.
  • CSR Program Framework. We’ll work with you to identify who on your team should be involved in your CSR program, what elements the program should include, how to divide the roles and responsibilities and how to structure the program within the company’s budget and still follow best practices for CSR.
  • CSR Program Roadmap. We’ll work with you and your team to build an action plan for your CSR program, including activities, program structure, timeline, budget considerations and roles and responsibilities to create an effective socially responsible lifestyle for your company. The roadmap will reflect best practices in CSR, including mission alignment with the company’s business, strategic selection of causes, efficient program structure, employee engagement, measuring progress and communicating success.
  • CSR Roadmap Implementation. We’ll work with you and your team to implement any and all aspects of the CSR Program Roadmap, achieving the company’s goals for the program, efficiently and effectively using CSR to improve employee and brand engagement so that your team stays focused on the business. We’ll ensure that monthly, quarterly and annual CSR activities are conducted right on schedule and according to plan.
  • CSR Program Results. We’ll monitor and measure the success of your ongoing CSR program so that you can be sure you are getting a solid return on investment on your company’s socially responsible lifestyle, especially through employee and brand engagement.
  • Reporting CSR Success. Each quarter we will prepare a customized summary capturing the compelling data showing that your company’s socially responsible lifestyle is making a difference with its employees, customers and the community according to best practices in the industry. You can use this summary and other data we compile as the basis for the CSR section on your website, recruiting material, proposals, press releases, annual report and other internal and external communications. Included in the quarterly update is a competitive review so that you can compare your progress to the CSR industry’s most innovative trends. When it comes to social responsibility, we know what counts.

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