Mulberry South is a Kansas City-based firm offering research and resources to companies and institutions who want to improve the experience with doing good, regardless of the cause. Our work is conducted exclusively from the point of view of the donor–the person “doing the good”–the consumer of philanthropy. What do these people want? That is the question.

Our research methods are both academic and empirical. We figure out what works with real people, often one by one. We are as interested in “little data” as we are in big data because we believe solutions lie at the intersection of the two. We conduct a lot of our work by tracking behavior through the media platforms we have created to observe the donor experience. We test ideas. We pilot initiatives. We seek new approaches and alternative strategies for improving the way doing good feels to the person doing it. 

Philanthropy is an important part of American culture. Our goal at Mulberry South is to play a role in inspiring more people into their own visions of doing good through the best possible personal experience.

Focus on “Doing Good”: The Corporate Experience

In today’s socially conscious economy, three realities of “doing good”–or corporate social responsibility (CSR)–are facing every business:

  • Executives know they have to do something about CSR. Several market pressures demand it: regulatory influences, sustainability trends, consumer preferences, corporate governance standards, philanthropic solicitations, and expectations of employees and recruits
  • Executives are aware that the CSR activities going on within their companies are not well-organized, and the activities are not aligned with business goals
  • Executives want to address CSR, but in the least expensive, least disruptive, and most bottom line-focused way possible.

These are the reasons a company hires our firm to perform a 60-day diagnostic research study–to determine what, if anything, needs to be done to shore up a company’s existing CSR platform. This basic investment in insights and data offers concrete information that permits an executive team to move forward (or not) with a strategy for CSR. A CSR strategy could, for example:

  • Build image and credibility, extend the reach of existing marketing activities, and add a new dimension to brand engagement strategy
  • Generate content for deployment into marketing efforts and thought leadership publications
  • Serve as the basis for corporate education programs designed to better align corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with employee culture business goals
  • Inspire an executive team to implement a formal system to capture and celebrate evidence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities–in a fully-defined footprint, not just giving to charity–to help you better leverage current activities to maximize the return on your CSR budget and build positive culture and brand and tie the activities to business goals.

Get the details: The CSR Framework Solution

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Mulberry South’s work is based on more than 13 years of industry experience, academic and empirical research, and active participation in shaping national best practices in philanthropy, social impact and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Most of our work remains confidential, to meet the needs of our clients. From time to time, though, we conduct public surveys, open architecture academic studies and participation-based pilot projects, which we are happy to share and feature on this website and in our media. If you would like to learn more about our research, or if you are interested in learning how you can participate in a current study, please contact us.

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Based in Kansas City, Mulberry South focuses on media production, thought leadership, research and corporate education, all related to philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. Mulberry South’s work is designed to close the knowledge gap about philanthropy and corporate social responsibility to help companies thrive in today’s socially conscious marketplace.

Mulberry South’s signature approach is to help its clients learn how to leverage philanthropy to enrich corporate culture and create market opportunities through brand engagement. An example of one of Mulberry’s South’s media platforms is Diary of a Good Girl®, an online resource offering ideas and toolkits to women and families to encourage generosity, especially in children.