Employee engagement, or modern art?

When you whiteboard your company’s employee engagement activities, do you get modern art?

Oh my. It makes no sense. It’s all over the board. It’s modern art. Wellness. Volunteer hours. Dollars for doers. Serving on boards. Going green. Selling Girl Scout cookies and golf tournament tickets. Fundraising campaigns. Matching gifts. Employee satisfaction surveys. Strategic planning processes. Team-building retreats. Canned food drives. Jeans day. Taking up a collection for a ill colleague.

Put it all up on a whiteboard and it looks like modern art. Or alphabet soup. Or just plain chaos. Chaos isn’t always a bad thing. It means you’ve got lots of enthusiastic employees who are excited about giving to charity. And volunteering. And leading. And recycling. And taking care of themselves and others. But chaos simply is not an effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan. Chaos won’t get your company the employee and brand engagement it’s looking for.

A CSR program should follow best practices if it’s going to be as successful as it deserves to be. That means defining the program. And setting goals. And building a framework. And a roadmap. And implementing it to get measurable results.

How do you know your company needs a formula for CSR success? If you get modern art when you whiteboard employee engagement, you’ve discovered a pretty big clue.


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