Do you know what’s hot in CSR?

Lately we’ve been inspired by clients who are digging into CSR, taking advantage of planning for the year ahead. These companies are taking an inventory of all of the ways that the company and its employees are giving back. And they’re coming up with some great ideas for celebrating good.

Here’s what’s most popular:

  • Surveying employees to determine existing and potential levels of engagement in the corporate giving program and setting goals accordingly
  • Streamlining overall program structure
  • Implementing a time-bound employee giving campaign to engage associates in the company’s strategic charitable causes
  • Establishing a birthday program for employees, annually acknowledging the personal contributions each associate is making to the community
  • Setting up a way to easily monitor and measure the results of a corporate giving program to more easily share the results of what the employees and the company have accomplished
  • Establishing a regular employee development and continuing education program to support employee interest in giving back, and maximizing its positive impact on the corporate culture

Perfect timing, really. Before we know it, 2013 will be in full swing. Now is a great time to try one or two of these ideas!

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