Our company is committed to the same national best practices in philanthropy and corporate social responsibility (CSR) that we share with our clients. We follow closely the work of the most forward-thinking leaders in the industry. And our own company’s plan incorporates the most critical elements of an effective CSR program.

Mulberry South


We are committed to the notion that an effective corporate social responsibility program should embrace and follow an overarching mission statement, consistent with the purpose of the business and integrated into the company’s strategy for commercial success. Our company conducts its CSR activities through its media arm, Diary of a Good Girl®, where we believe we can achieve the highest impact. We focus on organizations that inspire people to be themselves, primarily targeted at women and girls. Our company values authenticity, freedom, empowerment and a belief in possibility. Our CSR mission–inspiring people to be themselves–is directly reinforcing of those values. This mission helps our business’s bottom line because we write, publish and consult on the subject of CSR, from the standpoint that generosity empowers the giver and doing good is best when it is not only self-defined, but also when it is activated to drive personal and corporate growth.


We are committed to the idea that a CSR program should maximize the company’s overall corporate giving areas, determined according to which causes will best leverage the company’s definition of success for the CSR program. We also encourage adoption of a mechanism for ongoing cause identification to stay current with employee, customer and community trends. Our corporate giving areas include

  • Special needs organizations, including the Williams Syndrome Association, Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City, Variety of Greater Kansas City. One of the company’s founders has a daughter with Williams Syndrome, and the company has been supportive of the special needs community.
  • Fitness organizations for girls, because the company’s employees value physical fitness, and the company’s founders have daughters whom they encourage to stay healthy and self-confident. Our company has supported Girls on the Run International.
  • Entrepreneur mentorship programs, because we believe entrepreneurship is critical to a thriving economy. We have supported PIPELINE, as well as institutions of higher education that focus on entrepreneurship.
  • Organizations related to children’s health, because of the importance of children to everyone on our team. We have supported KidsAndCars.org and Ronald McDonald House Charities.


We encourage our clients to adopt CSR programs that actively engage employees. This element is critically important because employee participation in the program will drive employee loyalty and retention and, in turn, consumer brand engagement. Our team is actively engaged in charitable activities, which we highlight in the team biographies on our website. Our team also donates our books to charities for the charities to sell and keep the proceeds.


A strong CSR program solidifies and maintains an efficient corporate social responsibility program structure, reflective of the needs and functions of each department of the company that is involved in the corporate social responsibility program, including human resources, legal, finance, marketing, public relations, research, client relations and vendor relations. With an attorney on our team, our i’s are dotted and our t’s are crossed!


We encourage every client to enhance its messaging platform internally and externally, to celebrate the company’s program in a manner that is integrated with, and complementary to, the company’s overall marketing and public relations strategies. Our company celebrates its CSR program in a campaign format each summer. In 2012, we launched a Buy Books Do Good program, where we donated one book to charity for every two books sold. We celebrated this campaign in the media, through events, on our website, in printed materials and in social media.


Best practices in CSR require ongoing monitoring of the results of the program against one or more indicators of success, including employee engagement, employee loyalty, operating efficiency, community impact of money invested, customer perception and marketplace reputation. Our company tracks carefully the responses to our campaigns through a Facebook page dedicated to the campaign, and through page view statistics on Google Analytics.