Brown swirl darkMulberry South is a Kansas City-based company focusing on media content production, thought leadership and education related to best practices in social impact, philanthropy and social responsibility. Mulberry South makes it easy and fun for any company to celebrate the good it is already doing.

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Strong market trends toward social impact as a priority are creating new opportunities for businesses and families. Mulberry South’s signature approach is to help its clients leverage philanthropy and social responsibility to enrich corporate culture and expand market reach through increased brand engagement. The result of this work also means that consumers get more enjoyment out of the overall giving experience.

So what does Mulberry South mean to you? It means you now know people who can teach you how to create a culture of philanthropy within your company, from the inside out. We help you get organized and get positioned to build your company’s knowledge and capacity to integrate and institutionalize corporate social responsibility (CSR) into your business. Then, your business can begin to benefit from “doing good” as a key marketplace priority.

In 2012, Mulberry South launched its corporate services division to help companies improve employee enthusiasm for corporate culture through a series of brand new business tools, all related to the power of social impact within an organization. Mulberry South is also the company behind a handful of media platforms dedicated to celebrating good at home and in the workplace. You can check out two of our projects, Live with Rink and Laura and Diary of a Good Girl®, by visiting the logo links on this website.

Here are a few of the things we’re saying about our corporate services division.

Mulberry South is a professional firm providing services to companies whose executive leaders are not afraid to try new things to achieve visions for growth. Mulberry South’s signature approach is to help clients leverage “doing good” to enrich corporate culture and create growth opportunities through brand engagement.

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Okay. It all sounds good, but what do the clients say? The answer is, a lot! Here is a good example.

Matt Monge, Chief Culture Officer at Mazuma Credit Union, put it this way:

We had a different problem than many. We had a bunch of passionate, kind, motivated team members who were already out and about in the community doing what they could to make Kansas City a better place to live and work. In other words, corporate social responsibility (CSR) was already informally part of our organization’s culture. What we didn’t have was a structured CSR plan that took this strength of ours and leveraged it in a way that it had a positive business impact in addition to a positive societal one.

That’s where Mulberry South came in. They took the time to understand not only our business model, but also our culture and heart. It was only after understanding those things that they tailored a corporate social responsibility program and plan for us that we believe will further integrate CSR into the plot line of our organization’s story.

We would be delighted to work with you! For reference, we invite you to download A Blueprint for Doing Good as a springboard for ideas.